Requirements and Grading

Get a better understanding by first reading the information In the "Student Feedback and Evaluation" section. This section also outlines clerkship grading. Below it are a number of documents to help fine-tune your understanding of requirements and grading in the clerkship.

Student Feedback and Evaluation
Common Student Assessment Form V.0911.2 (revised 3/13/13)
The clinical evaluation is based on the Common Student Assessment Form v 0911 2, which has each item scored to a maximum of 50 points. The values of the completed items are then averaged to give a final score of up to 50 points. The scores from each clinical service are averaged for students at UNC. CRH and CMC students only have one score.
Oral Examination Form
The oral examination form is included. Each item is scored up to 15 points. The values for all of the items are averaged to obtain a final score of between 10-15 points.
NBME Score Conversion Table
The NBME subtest counts for 20% of the total grade. The score students receive from the NBME is converted to a percentile based on national scores. The percentile is then converted to a number of points between 0 and 20 as per the below conversion table.
NBME Quarterly Percentile Chart (most recent year)
The Percentile conversion chart is based on the previous year's performance by all students nationally on the NBME subtest in Psychiatry
Write-Up Assignment Grading Rubric
A copy of the grading rubric for this assignment as described in the Student Feedback and Evaluation section can be found here.
Observed Interview/Oral Exam Guide
A description of expectations of the observed interview/oral exam each student will complete at the end of the clerkship.