Seminar Resources
Click to find links to resources such as power point presentations and other documents to assist you in preparing for the seminars. They are listed alphabetically by topic, as the order of the seminars may vary from rotation to rotation. Realize that the vast majority of seminars are interactive and not power point based. Attendance is expected. Be prepared!

Psychiatry Clerkship Recommended Textbooks
It is highly recommended that students independently read throughout the rotation. Preparing for seminars will enhance your learning experience. Additionally, students are strongly encouraged to read about the conditions and treatment options they encounter in their clinical experiences. Below is a list of books useful for the clerkship.

Patient Interview and Note Guides
The below resources are examples of handouts that past psychiatry residents have shared with students to assist them in learning the psychiatric interview and writing progress notes.

Online Resources
Online resources to assist in understanding the Psychiatric Interview and Mental Status Exam.  Also, Psychiatry On-Line is a comprehensive electronic resource that provides access to textbooks, articles and self-assessment tools, including the DSM 5. The HSL also has Case Files and PreTest. Click for details.

UNC Services Orientation Materials
We have included materials for the UNC sites that will aid in understanding learning objectives, expectations, and other important information.

Central Regional Hospital Orientation
A handout to outline the educational experience for students rotating at Central Regional Hospital (CRH).

CMC Orientation
A student-contributed "Survival Guide" for the CMC Psychiatry rotation.

Team Based Learning Resources
Below you will find links to readings for the Team Based Learning Modules. All readings are from Black and Andreasen's Introductory Textbook of Psychiatry, Fifth Edition (2010). The four modules are: Psychiatric Emergencies (pages 383-398) Mood Disorders (pages 141-168) Alcohol- and Drug-Related Disorders (pages 241-283) Delirium, Dementia and Amnestic Disorder (pages 83-105)

NBME Information

Counseling and Motivational Interviewing Resources
Resource guides for medical students to help develop skills in counseling and Motivational Interivewing.