Test Schedule/Location

In the 2013-14 year, students will have their NBME Psychiatry Subtest administration on the last Friday of the block, 1:00 - 4:00 PM, in the MBRB, (room subject to change).    Students should arrive by 12:30 PM.

CMC students will have accomodations in Charlotte and will be sent that location/date/time for their on-line exam in Charlotte.  Charlotte-based students who wish to take their NBME in Chapel Hill, must advise Mrs. Daniel (mdaniel@med.unc.edu) at least two weeks prior to their NBME.

All NBME subtests will be administered online.

Students with special testing needs should contact the SOM Registrar's Office for arrangements.    They should also advise Mrs. Daniel that they will not be taking the test with her group.

Subtest Exam Dates                                                  Room

August 9, 2013                                                         2204 MBRB

September 20, 2013                                                2204 MBRB

November 1 , 2012                                                  2204 MBRB

December 12, 2012    (THURSDAY)                        2204 MBRB

February 14, 2014                                                    2204 MBRB

March 28, 2014                                                        2204 MBRB

May 16, 2014                                                           2204 MBRB

June 27, 2014                                                          2204 MBRB


Exams will take place in the MBRB, using student laptops, unless otherwise noted.