Clerkship Schedules


We are piloting a secure, online access to your schedules. Please provide Myra Daniel with your onyen (just the onyen and not your password) prior to the start of the clerkship so that you can gain access. Click on "Login for Student Schedules" and sign in with your onyen and password. Paper copies of your placements and schedules are distributed at orientation. Please note that primary sites at CRH and CMC are determined on arrival to those sites.

Click here for an example schedule for each site.


Occurs on most Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12-1 PM in Macnider 238. UNC students and CRH students who are in Chapel Hill for the day are expected to attend in person (click here for more detailed information). CRH students at CRH and CNC students will participate via videoconference. A detailed schedule for your rotation can be found under the Student Login portion of this site. Use your onyen and password to access.

Dates of Required Attendance

Students are required to attend orientation, the day back and the NBME subtest unless they present an administrative excuse. ( Click here for the dates for 13-14.)

Login for Student Schedules