Seminar Schedule

Occurs on Monday-Friday from 12-1 PM in Macnider 238. UNC students and CRH students who are in Chapel Hill for the day are expected to attend in person. CRH students at CRH and CMC students will participate via videoconference.

All students are required to attend a seminar series which meets 12-1 PM five days/week  in 238 MacNider (UNC students).  CRH and CMC students attend the seminars via teleconference; when CRH students are at UNC for outpatient clinics they will attend seminars along with UNC students in 238 MacNider.

The seminar series schedule may vary slightly on each rotation; however, topics will remain the same.   The schedule of lectures has been added to your One45 calendar.  Please check it daily for updates.

Textbooks may be purchased from the Medical School Bookstore. Students should read the section(s) pertaining to the upcoming lecture(s) recommended textbooks prior to each week's session.    A list of lecture topics, handouts and powerpoints are available in the Resources section.    Students should look for those relevant to each day's lecture topic in advance of the lecture.

Attendance at seminars is required of all students unless excused in advance.   Attendance at seminars takes precedence over all except urgent patient care situations.

UNC students are also encouraged to attend the Psychiatry Department Grand Rounds , held each Wednesday, 1:00 -2:30 PM from September - May in 321 MacNider (except for the first Wednesday of each month) if their schedules permit.  Attendance at Grand Rounds is not required.   Please contact Ms. Daniel for instructions to access these if you are interested.