Marsico Lung Institute

Lubna Abdullah, PhD

Specialty Areas: Mucin Synthesis Pathways and Secretion in Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells

Michael Chua, PhD

Specialty Areas: Development of Novel Light Microscopy and Imaging Technologies for Cell Biology and Physiology

Hong Dang, PhD

Specialty Areas: Bioinformatics, genetics, molecular biology, high-throughput data analysis, biological databases and data mining, biostatistics, computer system administration

Camille Ehre, PhD

Specialty Areas: Mucin Gene and Glycoprotein Expression Patterns

Martina Gentzsch, PhD
Specialty Areas: 
Processing, routing and regulation of ion channels, personalized therapeutics for rescue of mutant CFTR, preclinical assays for evaluation of drugs targeting CFTR, ENaC, and CaCC.
David Hill, PhD

Specialty Areas: Mucus Structure, Rheology, and Flow; Mucus Adhesion; Cilia Force Generation

Raymond C. Pickles, PhD

Specialty Areas: Innate Immune Factors in CF and COPD Patients; Development of Gene Therapy for Viral Infection

John Riordan, PhD

Specialty Areas: Structure, Function and Biosynthetic Processing of Membrane Proteins

Juliana Sesma, PhD

Specialty Areas: Mechanisms of UDP-Sugar Release in Epithelial Cells