Carolina Pulse

The Carolina Pulse is an integrated suite of components that will enable end-to-end support for the education of Medical Students from admissions through graduation.


The B-Line software coordinates student evaluation and data gathering for the The Clinical Skills and Patient Simulation Center. During testing the B-Line software manages the interactions between student and patient.

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MedSTARS is a comprehensive assessment and item analysis system that can be used by teaching faculty to improve the quality of their questions and easily manage the testing process.

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one45 automates course & faculty evaluation for all years and student evaluation, clinical rotation scheduling & clinical logs for MS3 & MS4 students.

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Sakai is a learning management system used for creating dynamic websites. It is the home for School of Medicine course websites, calendars, and forums. (Log in with your ONYEN and ONYEN password.)

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PeopleSoft is an integrated management system for student services, human resources, payroll and finance. It will also support registration, grades, and the transcripts for Medical School students.

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