The Clinical Skills and Patient Simulation Center – in addition to being an excellent space for clinical testing and student assessment – is also host to the B-Line Medical testing software.

With over 45 computers and 47 high-quality cameras, the CSPSC has a state-of-the-art ability to perform student evaluation and data gathering. During testing, two fully-adjustable cameras capture the encounter between student and patient, and questions are answered by both parties on the computers inside and outside of each room. The B-Line software coordinates all those functions and packages the data with an easy to use, web-accessible system. Many different setups and encounter styles are possible, giving users a wide range of options in testing.

Also, due to the unique setup of the system, clients, faculty, and students can all access the system externally. Depending on the level of access, clients can take surveys, check grades, view videos, and even create new exams and checklists.

Please direct questions or comments to Matthew Turner at: turnerma@med.unc.edu.