MedSTARS (Medical Student Testing And Report System)

Note about In-Class Exams

"Secure" In-Class Exams can only be taken at 4th/5th floor in Berryhill building . The secure exam is used for most midterm and final exams in the first two years. Secure exams are only available during scheduled exam times.

Important Testing Links

Used for graded quizzes and other formative assessments during a course, such as Integrative Problem Sets, Reproductive Medicine READs, midterm tests in GI or Urinary Systems.
Used for graded quizzes and other formative assessments during a course.
Used for assessments that are administered as Individual Readiness Assessments (IRAT) at the beginning of a class session, or as a small quiz at the beginning of a session.

Lists all of your individualized performance on every online graded exam or test during the first two years of medical school. Please use your ONYEN username and password to login MedSTARS to check your feedback.

If you are a student needing to schedule a missed exam or remedial exam, please use the Scheduling Missed Exams Form. It will guide you through the process of requesting a time to take the exam. Someone will then email you back with confirmation of a time.

Online Testing Utilities

Type in your school of medicine email address, your TestID will be sent to your email.

Look up a forgotten university PID from the UNC web site.


Online Testing FAQs

Complete information about online testing, including tips, types of exams, troubleshooting, and getting help.


MedSTARS Contacts: