If you are looking for help on using the School of Medicine's Sakai site, you've come to the right place. If you don't see the answer to your questions below, email for more information.

Below are some answers to general questions about Sakai. Also see our documentation for course directors and faculty members.

Also check out the SOM's video tutorials on YouTube to learn how to create a site, modify the way Sakai looks to you, and more.

General Questions

How do I log in?

You login to Sakai using your ONYEN and ONYEN password at Your ONYEN is different from the SOMID that people at the School of Medicine previously used to access the former curriculum system and forum websites. The SOMID is being phased out, and the first year medical students will not be issued an SOMID at all this year.

If you have questions about your ONYEN or ONYEN password, visit

How do I get access to a site?

If you log in to Sakai and do not see the course or project sites that you expect, contact and we'll help get you set up.

How do I view all the events on the calendar in one page?

First go to the course calendar by clicking the course tab and then the "Calendar" link on the left side of the page. Then in the "View" dropdown menu, choose "List of Events". When the page updates you can go to the "Show" dropdown menu and choose "All events". (We are working on making this the default calendar view.)

How do I add/change my profile picture in Sakai?

Go to the My Workspace tab at the top left of your screen and click the Profile link on the left sidebar. Hover over the placeholder image and click the “Change Picture” link that pops up. Click “Choose File” and search your computer for an image. Once you have chosen the image, click the the “Upload” button.

You can either use your official photo (MS1 and MS2s only - email us for how to get it) or add any other photo of yourself that looks professional.


How can I upload a picture into Sakai and make it visible?

There are two steps to this process: first uploading the image, and then allowing others access to view the image.

Step 1: Upload the image
by going to you your "My Workspace" tab and click the "Resources" link. The Resources area is like a file structure on your computer that can hold folders and files. Next to the "My Workspace" folder hover over the "Add" menu and choose "Upload Files" option. Then click the "Browse" button, find and choose a picture on your computer, and then click the "Upload Files Now" button. Your file is now uploaded into Sakai, but only you will be able to see it unless you grant others access.

Step 2: Make your image visible to others by going to the image you just uploaded, hovering over the "Add" menu next to it, and choosing "Edit Details". Under the "Availability and Access" section, choose "This file is publicly viewable". On this same screen you can get the URL for that image under the "Web Address (URL)" section by clicking "Select URL for copying" and copying the highlighted text. You can use this URL to set this as your profile image (see previous question). You are now ready to scroll to the bottom and click the "Update" button.

How do I change the tabs at the top of my screen?

Go to your "My Workspace" tab and click "Preferences". Choose a site from the box on the right and use the up and down arrows to choose where each tab will appear at the top of your screen. You can also use the left and right arrows between the boxes to make the sites you are a member of visible or invisible, (for instance if you didn't want to see your courses from last year at the top of your screen). When you are done making changes, click the "Update Preferences" button. All of these options can be changed back at any time.