Sakai Archive Access Request Form

Archived site materials are available for all courses that have previously run in Sakai. To get access to those materials, please read and fill out the form below.

What materials are archived in Sakai?

All first and second year Sakai courses from the 2010-2011 school year are available in the archives.

How do I get access to the archives in Sakai?

First, read this form and fill it out.

Second, we will email you a username and password you can use to access the Sakai archives. You will have guest-level access to each of the relevant sites.
Please note: Because this is not an automated process, the email will be sent during business hours.

Honor Code Caveat - Please Note

The password to the Sakai archives site is private and should not be shared with any other individual, inside or outside of the UNC School of Medicine. Sharing that information will be considered a violation of the honor code.

Sakai Archive Request Form

I am a:   In order to access the archives, you must be either a currently enrolled student in your third or fourth year at the UNC School of Medicine (SOM), or a current faculty/staff member of the SOM.