January 12-13: Richard Semelka, MD, gave three lectures – “Body MR protocol,” “Technique MR sequences consideration for motion-resistant protocol,” and “Clinical application of 3T” --   as an invited speaker at the Los Angeles Radiological Society’s 65th Annual Midwinter Radiology Conference.

January 18-20: At the American College of Radiology NC Chapter’s 19th Annual Breast Imaging Weekend Course in Charlotte, NC:

Cherie Kuzmiak, DO, presented "Breast Tomosynthesis" & "Whole Breast Ultrasound."  
Sheryl Jordan, MD, RCC, presented, "Assessing Margins in Breast Imaging: Operating, that is" & "Breast Ultrasound."
Program Director: Dr. Dag Pavic, Clinical Asst. Professor, UNC Dept. of Radiology 2002-2012

January 28th -- Heidi Hartman, DO, (2012-2013 Breast Imaging fellow) presented, "Applications of Ultrasound in Breast Imaging" as an invited imaging practicum class speaker for UNC/NCSU Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering graduate students.

January 30th -- Bob Dixon, MD, presented, “From ER to IR: A Practical Perspective From Both Sides” at Grand Rounds in the UNC Department of Emergency Medicine.

February 15-16: Richard Semelka, MD, presented, “ACR Quality and Safety 2013” at the American College of Radiology’s Annual Conference on Quality And Safety in Scottsdale, AZ.

February 21st: Co-lecturers Drs. Cherie Kuzmiak and Russell Harris presented, “Mammography: Has it delivered what has been promised?” as invited speakers for the UNC School of Medicine’s Howard Holderness 2013 Distinguished Scholars Seminar Series

February 23rd: Julia Fielding, MD, presented, “Screening and Staging of Kidney Cancer” as an invited speaker at the regional Kidney Cancer Association Patient and Survivor Conference in Chapel Hill, NC.

March 16th:  Richard Semelka, MD, presented, “Radiologists and Malpractice: From Bias to Verdict” at the North Carolina American College of Radiology’s annual chapter meeting in Durham, NC.

March 22nd: Yueh Z. Lee, MD, PhD, presented, “Witnessing the Birth of a Medical Imaging Modality: Perspectives of an Engineer-Physician” as an invited speaker NC A&T State University’s Engineering Research Center/ Biomedical Engineering seminar series in Greensboro, NC.