Fellow's Experience at UNC

UNC Fellows Academic Experience.

Our fellows rotate one week in our main Neuroradiology reading room (8 PACS stations, about 100 studies/day) where they are exposed to all brain CT, MRI, and neonatal ultrasound studies. Another week is spent in our Head&Neck/Spine reading room (3 PACS stations, about 40-50 studies/day) also at the hospital where they see all corresponding CT and MRI studies.  They are also in charge of lumbar punctures and myelograms during this rotation. Their 3rd week is spent at our outpatient facility (3 PACS stations in our reading room, about 40 studies/day) where they are in charge of all studies (mostly spine) performed at outlying facilities.  Residents are present during the hospital rotations.

Their 4th week is spent in the Neurointerventional suites (2-3 studies/day).  This rotation is scheduled for only the 1st semester.  Special rotations occurring during the 2nd semester (in lieu of NIR) include a 3-week rotation dedicated to pain management procedures and an additional 2-3 weeks set aside for electives or meeting attendance.

Our conference schedule includes weekly interesting cases, biweekly NIR reviews, biweekly general neuroradiology reviews, bi-monthly departmental neuroradiology conferences, and monthly journal club.  Additionally there are many weekly interdisciplinary conferences which the fellows may be asked to participate in.  Fellows will be asked to give at least 2/year conferences to resident.

At the beginning of year, a list of current and ongoing research projects is given to the fellows so that they may select a project.

Our vacation time is 3 weeks with one extra week during the Christmas/New Year holidays.

A book and travel allowance is provided as well as a subscription to RadPrimer and StatDx.