Program Description

The Neuroradiology Division, comprised of 6 diagnostic attending radiologists, two specialists from the Division of Interventional Neuroradiology, and four diagnostic neuroradiology fellows, is a part of the Department of Radiology at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in Chapel Hill. We perform about 24,000 CT studies, 24,000 MRI studies, nearly 300 diagnostic angiograms, about 120 neurointerventional cases, and over 200 spinal invasive procedures per year.

We have access to sevenclinical 1.5 T MR units and two clinical 3.0 T MR units, as well as dedicated 3.0 T research MR and MR PET units.  There are 8 CT scanners throughout our system, including a cone beam unit dedicated to head and neck.  We have 2 DSA units in a dedicated neurovascular suite, as well as access to 4 additional angiography rooms in the general vascular/interventional radiology suite. The hospital currently houses 2 PET/CT scanners. The entire Department of Radiology has been PACS based since 2001 and a voice-recognition dictation system was installed in 2006.  Our reading room was recently remodeled and is the largest in our Department, housing 8 PACS stations.  A separate reading room for Head & Neck and spine studies containing 3 PACS stations is operational.  In addition, our dedicated reading room in our outpatient facility handles 3 PACS stations.

We work closely on both the clinical and academic fronts with several groups on campus, including the Division of Neurosurgery, the Department of Neurology, the Department of Head and Neck Surgery, the Department of Psychiatry, the Department of Anesthesia, the School of Dentistry, and the School of Computer Sciences.

The 850 bed hospital complex at UNC includes the NC Neurosciences Hospital, the NC Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital, and a Cancer Center. The Hospitals are adjacent to the Medical School.  Our new beautiful Imaging and Spine Center is only a few minutes away from the hospital.  Our new community hospital (2 CTs and 1 MRI) opened last year.