Our Research
The central theme of our research program is to apply advances from other fields such as chemical engineering, materials science, biomedical engineering and nanotechnology, to the field of oncology. 


Research Directions

  1. Preclinical and clinical investigations evaluating nanotherapeutics to improve radiotherapy and chemoradiotherapy edinacollage
  2. Development of nanoparticle therapeutics to improve systemic cancer treatment
  3. Utilizing nanoparticles to improve cancer immunotherapy
  4. Nanoparticle formulation of "forgotten"/previous failed drugs to renew their clinical translation potential
  5. Utilizing tissue engineering techniques to develop models of cancer metastasis

Our Funding

CCNE RFA-CA-09-012(DeSimone/Tepper)    09/01/2010- 08/31/2015            

NCI/NIH Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence U54                                                          

Project 1: PRINT Nanoparticles: "Calibration Quality" Nano-tools for Studying the Effect of Particle Attributes on Biodistribution, Clearance and Optimized Delivery of Therapeutics 08UCA151652A

This project aims to study the effect of size, shape and modulus on the biodistribution of nanoparticles.


R01CA178748-01 (Wang) Nanoparticle formulations of DNA repair inhibitors to improve chemoradiotherapy

This project aims to develop and evaluate nanoparticle formulations of DNA repair inhibitors to improve chemoradiotherapy for cancer.


R21CA182322 (Wang)    12/01/13 - 11/30/2016


Development of 3D organ-specific models of colorectal cancer metastasis

This project aims to develop three-dimensional in vitro models of cancer metastasis that are also organ-specific.