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Nature Nanotechnology 

Congratulations to Yuanzeng Min, Kyle Roche and others. Our paper entitled "Antigen-capturing nanoparticles improve the abscopal effect and cancer immunotherapy" by Yuanzeng Min, Kyle Roche, Shaomin Tian, Michael Eblan, Karen McKinnon, Joseph Caster, Shengjie Chai, Laura Herring, Longzhen Zhang, Tian Zhang, Joseph DeSimone, Joel Tepper, Benjamin Vincent, Jonathan Serody, and Andrew Wang has been accepted.

Nature Nanotechnology Cover.jpg



Congratulations to Kyle Roche, Sam Warner and Artish Patel as they are med school bound. They will be heading to George Washington, Johns Hopkins, and USF respectively.


Congratulations to Zach Rogers on getting his first academic faculty appointment at Westminster U in PA


Congratulations to Joe Caster who will be Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiation at University of Iowa