Eric Schreiber, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Physics and Computing Division

Eric SchreiberContact

Phone: (984) 974-8439 
Fax: (984) 974-8607

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Education and Degrees

B.S. (Physics):  University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

PhD. (Physics):  Duke University, Durham, NC

American Board of Radiology, Therapeutic Radiologic Physics (2008)

Areas of Interest

  • Radiation Therapy Technology
  • Monte Carlo Dosimetry
  • Sterotactic Radiosurgery/Sterotactic Body Radiotherapy
  • Medical Physics Education

Recent Publications (peer-reviewed)

  1. E. C. Schreiber and S. X. Chang, "Monte Carlo simulation of a compact microbeam radiotherapy system based on carbon nanotube field emission technology", Medical Physics 39 (2012) 4669
  2. E. C. Schreiber, D. Sawkey, and B. A. Faddegon, “Sensitivity analysis of an asymmetric Monte Carlo beam model of a Siemens Primus accelerator”, Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 13 (2012) 32
  3. S. Wang, X. Calderon, R. Peng, E.C. Schreiber, O. Zhou and S. Chang. A carbon nanotube field emission multipixel x-ray array source for microtherapy application.  Applied Physics Letters 98 (2011) 213701
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