Division of Physics and Computing

Innovation has been a long-standing strength of the Physics and Computing Division, exemplified by our pioneering work in image-based treatment planning systems during the 1980’s (PLanUNC), and today, in the development of nanotechnology-based radiation research technology.


Welcome to the webpage of the Division of Physics and Computing.  The Division consists of busy clinical physics, dosimetry and computing groups that support state of the art radiotherapy clinical services, and also participate in a variety of multidisciplinary research programs.

UNC Cancer Hospital Physics Group

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First NameLast NameCredentialsClinical RoleCurriculum Vitae (.pdf)
Shiva Das Shiva Das PhD Medical Physicist
Sha Chang Sha Chang PhD Medical Physicist
Eric Schreiber Eric Schreiber PhD Medical Physicist
Stephen Pizer Stephen Pizer PhD Computer Scientist
David Fried, PhD David Fried PhD Medical Physicist
Jun Lian Jun Lian PhD Medical Physicist
Panayiotis Mavroidis Panayiotis Mavroidis PhD Medical Physicist
Ross McGurk Ross McGurk PhD Medical Physicist
Leith Rankine Leith Rankine MS Medical Physicist
Tong Zhu Tong Zhu PhD Medical Physicist
Kathy Burkhardt, MS; Assistant Director Clinical Physics and Dosimetry Katharin Burkhardt MS Medical Physicist
Michael Lawrence, PhD Michael Lawrence PhD Medical Physicist
Larry Potter, PhD Larry Potter MS Medical Physicist
John Dooley, PhD; Clinical Software Engineer John Dooley BA Clinical Software Engineer
Kathryn Hedrick Kathryn Hedrick MS Medical Physics Resident
Eleanor Pryser, MS Eleanor Pryser MS Medical Physics Resident
Female Placeholder Zeynep Karakas MS Medical Physics Resident
Female Placeholder Lan Lu PhD Medical Physics Resident
Heather Baliker Heather Baliker CMD Medical Dosimetrist
Jackie Carter Jackie Carter CMD Medical Dosimetrist
Raina Erwin Raina Erwin CMD Medical Dosimetrist
Male Placeholder Matt Hawkins CMD Medical Dosimetrist

Physicists at Affiliate Institutions

Curtis Whiddon, PhDHead of Medical Physics, UNC-High Point Radiation Oncology
Philip Cubbage, MS Medical Physicist, UNC-Caldwell Radiation Oncology
Vania Arora, MS Medical Physicist, UNC-Rex Radiation Oncology