Find a UNC Radiation Oncologist

A list of the UNC physicians who specialize in each disease site.

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Disease Site

Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplantation

Andrew Wang, MD  Andrew Wang

Brain and Nervous System

Joel Tepper, MD  Joel Tepper     Colette Shen  Colette Shen


Gaorav Gupta  Gaorav Gupta   Ellen Jones MD PhD  Ellen Jones   Lawrence Marks, MD  Lawrence Marks


Joel Tepper, MD  Joel Tepper   Andrew Wang, MD  Andrew Wang  Ashley Weiner, MD, PhD Ashley Weiner


Ellen Jones MD PhD  Ellen Jones   Ashley Weiner, MD, PhD Ashley Weiner

Head and Neck

Bhisham Chera  Bhisham Chera  Colette Shen  Colette Shen

Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma

Andrew Wang, MD  Andrew Wang


Bhisham Chera  Bhisham Chera  Colette Shen  Colette Shen


Joel Tepper, MD  Joel Tepper


Lawrence Marks, MD  Lawrence Marks   Ashley Weiner, MD, PhD Ashley Weiner


Ron Chen (vertical) Ronald Chen   Andrew Wang, MD  Andrew Wang

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