PLanUNC License

PLanUNC (sometimes pronounced "PLUNC") is an in-house Radiotherapy Treatment Planning (RTP) system that has been used for clinical treatment, research development, and education since 1986. PLanUNC was initially forged by the joint effort of medical physicists, computer scientists, and radiation oncologists to pioneer the field of 3D image-based treatment planning. Since it is designed as a modular system -- a suite of small cooperating programs -- it is both flexible enough to quickly adapt to changing clinical needs by plugging in new features, and yet is robust enough to lock in features required for clinical safety. This "Damascus Steel" design principle makes PLanUNC an ideal platform for both clinical and research needs. Continuous enhancements and improvements have made PLanUNC into a powerful and safe clinical-grade tool that we rely on for patient treatment, research, and education at UNC. PLanUNC is a NIH supported public research and education tool that has been utilized free-of-charge for research and education by many cancer institutions worldwide. Institutional licenses can be obtained by submitting the license form below along with a short statement of intended use. (UNC requires this form in order to acquire a copy of the PLanUNC Treatment Planning System source code.)

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