Treatment Planning

New treatment and verification techniques help us to be more effective at tumor elimination while limiting normal tissue damage. We study all aspects of the treatment process from measuring the radiation coming from the treatment machines (QA) to comparing treatment options for effectiveness and safety.

Rosenman awarded 2-year NCI grant
To automate treatment planning of head and neck cancers.
Clinical significance based IMRT QA approach
Goal: reconstruct the 3D dose distribution from the 2D intensity maps collected during IMRT QA.
Treating multiple tumors simultaneously with a 4-bank mMLC
Goal: Does this setup sacrifice dose quality?
Dose difference of Nucletron HDR planning with 3-source localization methods
Goal: does localization affect dose?
Film to CT Registration to Accumulate Dose of BRT & EBRT Planning for Cervical Cancer
Goal: register QA films to improve cumulative dose estimate