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Building Community Capacity: Sustaining the Effects of Multiple, Two-Year Community-based Participatory Research Projects

Building Community Capacity: Sustaining the Effects of Multiple, Two-Year Community-based Participatory Research Projects

Marjorie S. Rosenthal, Jed Barash, Oni Blackstock, Shirley Ellis-West, Clara Filice, Gregg Furie, S. Ryan Greysen, Sherman Malone, Barbara Tinney, Katherine Yun, Georgina I. Lucas

From: Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action
Volume 8, Issue 3, Fall 2014
pp. 365-374 | 10.1353/cpr.2014.0049

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December 2014 - Volume 26 - Issue 6 - p 493-494
doi: 10.1097/GCO.0000000000000128

Edited by Rebekah E. Gee (Penn CSP 06 -09)

The Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars program (CSP) has served as a primordial soup for the creation of a new kind of physician leader – one who was trained in health policy and health services research. Founded in 1972, as of July 2014, the program had produced 1262 scholars from various disciplines in American medicine including over 40 obstetrician-gynecologists. The first clinical scholar from the field of obstetrics and gynecology was Phyllis Leppert (Duke CSP 1972–1974) who served among other roles as chief of the Reproductive Services Branch of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Although very accomplished, she is not alone among her clinical scholar peers in being a disruptive innovator and helping to build the loom on which the cloth of women's health policy is woven.This issue highlights the work of several clinical scholar graduates and demonstrates their diversity of interests and career pursuits that span technology, health systems, leadership, and ethics.

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Annals of Internal Medicine
Supplement From the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program
18 November 2014, Vol. 161. No. 10_Supplement

From the Editor's Introduction:

Since its inception in 1972, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Clinical Scholars Program has contributed enormously to our understanding of quality and high-value health care. This electronic supplement highlights work by current and former Clinical Scholars that describes low-cost system-level or community-partnered health care innovations that hold promise to improve quality of care. This is a particularly appropriate time to celebrate the work of the program because the RWJF will be concluding it in 2017 as the foundation's priorities shift to supporting the development of leaders for the transformation to a Culture of Health.

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Surgery Volume 155, Number 5 Special Issue:
Transforming surgical and interventional care:
Insights from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program

This special issue of Surgery was supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars program and features articles and editorials from 17 alumni of the program. 

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Health Affairs December Issue: The Future of Emergency Medicine: Challenges & Opportunities

The December issue of Health Affairs focused on Emergency Medicine and included articles from CSP alumni and faculty. Art Kellerman (NAC and Washington CSP 83-85), Brendan Carr (Penn CSP 06-08), Nicole Lurie (UCLA CSP 82-84), and Jeremiah Schuur (Yale CSP 05-07) were featured as speakers at the Health Affairs briefing event at the National Press Club that unveiled the December 2013 issue.

Articles included:
Arthur L. Kellermann (Washington CSP 83-85) was first author on “Emergency Care: Then, Now, and Next”

Brendan Carr (Penn CSP 06-08) coauthored “Creating Integrated Networks of Emergency Care: From Vision to Value”

Steven L. Bernstein (Yale CSP Faculty) was first author of “A Promising Approach For Emergency Departments To Care For Patients With Substance Use And Behavioral Disorders”

Jeremiah D. Schuur (Yale CSP 05-07) was first author of “Quality Measurement In The Emergency Department: Past And Future”

Arthur L. Kellermann (Washington CSP 83-85) coauthored “Giving EMS Flexibility In Transporting Low-Acuity Patients Could Generate Substantial Medicare Savings”

Jeremiah D. Schuur (Yale CSP 05-07) coauthored “Strategies For Integrating Cost-Consciousness Into Acute Care Should Focus On Rewarding High-Value Care”

Nicole Lurie (UCLA CSP 82-84) was first author of “VIEWPOINT: The US Emergency Care System: Meeting Everyday Acute Care Needs While Being Ready For Disasters”

December 2013- Pediatrics 132 (6)

The Clinical Scholars program alumni had a strong showing in Pediatrics in December with six alumni publishing separate articles: 

Rita Mangione-Smith (UCLA CSP 95-97) coauthored “The Architecture of Provider-Parent Vaccine Discussions at Health Supervision Visits”

Chris Feudtner (Washington CSP 98-00) was first author on “Pediatric Palliative Care Programs in Children’s Hospitals: A Cross-Sectional National Survey”

David Flum (Washington CSP 00-02) coauthored “The Effect of Obesity in Adolescence on Adult Health Status"

Clinical Scholars National Program Director Des Runyan (UNC CSP 79-81) coauthored “National, Regional, and State Abusive Head Trauma: Application of the CDC algorithm”

Stephen Downs (UNC CSP 89-91) coauthored “Child Exposure to Parental Violence and Psychological Distress Associated with Delayed Milestones”;

Evan Fieldston (Penn CSP 07-10) was first author of “Community Household Income and Resource Utilization for Common Inpatient Pediatric Conditions” 

NPO Annual Survey Summary

The RWJF Board of Trustees is interested and engaged in the successes of scholars and alumni. The RWJF Human Capital team that oversees scholar/fellow programs would like to speak about scholars and alumni in a meaningful, data driven way. The team asked several scholar/fellow national program offices (NPOs) to begin to collect data annually on a set of key cross-cutting indicators among the Foundation’s Human Capital (HC) programs that can be shared with senior management and the Board of Trustees.

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A New Point of View: The Health Policy Elective
A New Point of View- The Health Policy Elective
, an article featured in the Fall 2013 newsletter, features the experiences of current scholars and alumni at several off-site health policy electives.

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March 2013 - Pediatrics 2013; 131 (Supplement)

Visioning, Measuring, and Improving the Quality of Health Care for Children: Insights From the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program

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Health Services Research Special issue: "Bridging the Gap between Research and Health Policy"Health Services Research Special issue:
"Bridging the Gap between Research and Health Policy"

Health Services Research publishes articles by RWJF Clinical Scholars alumni as part of a special issue on "Bridging the Gap between Research and Health Policy" featuring articles by current and former RWJF Clinical Scholars. Print edition to be pub in Feb 2012.

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Selected Fellowship Programs Sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

In addition to the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research support for training and research, academic anesthesiologists can benefit from programs offered by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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Tracking the Careers of Academic General Pediatric Fellowship Program Graduates: Academic Productivity and Leadership Roles

Peter G. Szilagyi, MD, MPH; Robert J. Haggerty, MD; Constance D. Baldwin, PhD;
Heather A. Paradis, MD, MPH; Jennifer L. Foltz, MD, MPH; Phyllis Vincelli, BS;
Aaron Blumkin, MS; Tina L. Cheng, MD, MPH

THE FIELD OF pediatrics is more than 150 years old, yet the discipline of academic general pediatrics (AGP) is relatively new and still building the foundations for schoarship. Early on, most academic pediatricians were generalists. Many subsequently branched into evolving subspecialty disciplines. Between the 1930s and the 1970s, the dramatic rise in pediatric subspecialties, typically supported by discipline-specific fellowship programs, was accompanied by an equally striking reduction in the number of pediatric academic generalists. This evolution led to calls for renewed attention to scholarship in general pediatrics and in pediatric primary care in order to fill the “pipeline” for AGP with productive clinician-scholars.

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American Journal of Preventative medicine

American Journal of Preventive Medicine - Special CBPR Edition

The Clinical Scholars Program has supported a special supplemental issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine: Bridging Clinical Scholarship and Community Scholarship - New Directions for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Clinical Scholars Program.

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The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program and Emergency Medicine

Adam Landman, MD, MS, MIS (Yale CSP), and Zachary F. Meisel, MD, MPH (Penn CSP)

Specialized research training for emergency physicians (EPs) may strengthen overall patient care through the development and improvement of clinical evidence in emergency care. One way an increasing number of emergency physicians have acquired these skills is through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program (CSP), a 2-year fellowship that trains physicians to be leaders in improving health care. In addition to providing training in health policy and health services research, the CSP emphasizes the translation of research into action through leadership training, program development, and community-based participatory research. This article provides an in-depth look at the CSP and its impact on emergency medicine (EM).

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The Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program

By Jonathan Showstack, Arlyss Anderson Rothman, Laura C. Leviton and Lewis G. Sandy

Chapter Five, excerpted from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Anthology: To Improve Health and Health Care, Volume VII

The Clinical Scholars Program, the Foundation's longest-running initiative, is often referred to as its flagship program. Since 1972, the Foundation, through this program, has supported postdoctoral training for young physicians interested in research and leadership careers in health policy. The result is a fraternity of more than nine hundred physicians who have participated in the program and helped to shape the field of health services research. This chapter examines the Clinical Scholars Program from its inception and builds on a recent evaluation of it conducted by the University of California, San Francisco, or UCSF. It explains why a philanthropy such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation would be interested in an expensive, long-term investment like the Clinical Scholars Program and describes how this program has influenced the fields of medicine and health services research over the past 35 years. It also raises thoughtful questions about the continued logic of such an initiative in the current health care world.

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The Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program - Grant Results (March 2009)

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Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Mark 35 Years of Health (Jama Article)
Services Research
JAMA.2007; 297: 2571-2573.

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Defining, Navigating, and Negotiating Success
The Experiences of Mid-Career RWJF Clinical Scholar Women

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