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Recruitment Resources

Welcome alumni ambassadors. We thank you for your continued support of the program. Below you will find a list of suggested activities for serving as an ambassador and resources to assist you.

Suggested Recruitment Activities

1. Contact residency directors and department chairs at your institutions to identify potential resident applicants;

2. Discuss the program with potential applicants at your institutions;

3. Identify and talk with potential applicants or influential colleagues at meetings you attend and distribute program brochures and call for applications booklets about the program;

4. Send us accomplishments/updates/awards on yourself or other alumni for posting on our website and/or in our electronic newsletter;

5. Submit a one-page alumni profile narrative via e-mail for posting on our website where you discuss how the program has influenced your career and why the program is of particular value to you. Click here to view examples of current profiles.

6. Attend a meeting on our behalf where potential applicants or colleagues in contact with potential applicants will be. This meeting should be one that you would not normally attend unless you had additional resources to do so; and

7. Host a regional alumni reception sponsored by our program. We will identify the cities we will target this year in the next month.


Clinical Scholars Brochure

Note: Please contact us if you would like us to mail you printed copies of the brochure.

Clinical Scholars Presentation - Full (PPT - 5.1 MB) - Updated Oct 2013

Clinical Scholars Presentation - Short (PPT - 2.5 MB) - Updated October 2013

Clinical Scholars Newsletter

Clinical Scholars Maps


Please contact Kristin Siebenaler at or 919-843-1351 with any questions or comments.

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