HIPAA Online Training

Complete the appropriate training modules listed on this page. To insure proper credit for completing the appropriate HIPAA training be sure to complete the registration at the end of each module.

Group #1: All School of Medicine employees must complete Module 1.

1.  General Privacy & Information Security
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This one module replaces two older modules: (1) Privacy and (2) General Information Security.

Group #2: Any School of Medicine employee who has contact with patients or works in a clinical setting should complete Modules 1 through 5.

2.  Patient's Right to Object to Disclosures ("Opt Out")

3.  Patients' Rights

4.  Patient's Right to Accounting of Disclosure

5.  Guidelines for Contacting Patients

Group #3: Any School of Medicine Employee who is a Research Data Custodian must complete Module 6.

6.  Research Disclosures for Data Custodians

Offline Versions of Training Modules

If you wish to print out a copy of training modules for educational purposes, click here.

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