Options used for HIPAA Compliant Disclosures for Research

  • Research eligibility prescreening and/or recruitment contact

    • the researcher must present IRB Waiver of Authorization or IRB Limited Waiver of Authorization and the HD974 appropriately completed.

  • Review preparatory to research only

    • the researcher must present the HD974 appropriately completed. Access to WebCIS will not be granted for these reviews.

  • Only decedents

    • the researcher must present a written statement included on the HD974 and will provide documentation of the death of the individuals if requested.

  • Limited data sets

    • the researcher must present a Data Use Agreement. HD974 incorporates Data Use Agreement for UNCCH researchers.

  • De-identified information

    • the researcher must present the HD974 form and the completed Request for Record Review or Database Reports

      form. All 18 identifiers must be removed as outlined in the UNC HCS Release of PHI for Research Purposes policy.