Organizational Goals & Objectives

Organizational Goals

Two goals guide the operation of SHAC: 

  1. To continuously provide efficient, high-quality health care services for underserved populations
  2. To create a service-learning environment that enables UNC health science students to combine their skills to meet the needs of underserved populations and to model such interdisciplinary collaboration to inspire future careers of service.  

Organizational Objectives

As an organization, SHAC maintains the following objectives to fulfill, sustain, and continuously improve upon its purpose, mission, and goals: 

  1. SHAC operates according to the organizational structure that is outlined previously. This structure enables efficient service delivery, financial management, volunteer management, interdisciplinary communication, and leadership transition.

  2. SHAC gains guidance and advice from University faculty and administrators, local health professionals, fellow students, and members of underserved populations to constantly assess and improve organizational activities. 

  3. SHAC maintains committees, collaborative relationships, and communication across disciplinary and University-community boundaries to guide, implement, sustain, and improve organizational activities. 

  4. SHAC creates health promotion activities that enable students to practice their skills while providing needed services to local populations. 

  5. SHAC services target and work with individuals as well as organizations, communities, and social and government institutions to promote the health of underserved populations, and instills this broad perspective of health promotion among its student volunteers. 

  6. SHAC evaluates the effectiveness of its activities through demographic data collection, volunteer and service-recipient surveys, and discussion among leaders, advisors, and partnering organizations and responds to such evaluation with improvements to the organization and its activities.