BCW: Student Roles

Medicine & Nursing: Through medical interviews and physical examinations, students assess their client's general health and explore any questions or concerns they may have. Students provide education about medical problems and treatments in addition to giving information about community resources.

Pharmacy: Students documenting and updating a list of medications for each client. Students monitor their client for medication contraindications and adverse side effects and report any concerns to their team leader. Students also assess their client's compliance and knowledge about their medications and provide education as needed.

Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy: Students assess their client's home, mobility, and activities of daily living. Students develop strategies to improve their client’s standard of living and connect them with outside services as needed.

Social Work and Public Health: Students assess the social and living situation of their client through observation and discussion. Students formulate and execute a plan to address problems by linking clients to organizations and arranging for additional services.

Speech-Language Pathology: Students assess the client’s interpersonal interactions and identify environmental barriers to participation in communication functions. Students also facilitate strategies to maximize the client’s social communication activities, communication of basic wants and needs, and reading, writing, and numerical activities.

Discipline Coordinator: All discipline coordinators are responsible for recruitment of new volunteers at the beginning of the year from their school and oversight of 2-3 student teams during the year.  Oversight of teams include: sending an email reminder every month to the team to schedule their client visit, receiving visit documentation from the team and forwarding the documentation to the program directors, and answering any questions the students may have.

Student Volunteers: Student volunteers should visit their client at least once a month, complete visit documentation after each visit and email to their team coordinator, attend a Round Table Meeting at Carol Woods once per semester, complete a Special Project for their client, and arrange a dinner with the client.

For more information on Beyond Clinic Walls, please email Zola Isadore at zola@email.unc.edu.