SHAC Interpreting is a group run by UNC students with the purpose of providing interpreting services at the Student Health Action Coalition (SHAC) Clinic in Carrboro and various other health events in the Chapel Hill area. We are always looking for volunteers who are proficient to fluent in Spanish who would like to hone their skills while helping out an underserved community in our own backyard. For those interested in the health fields, this is an excellent way to get exposure to a medical clinic and to have contact with patients.  There are 2 interpreter volunteer positions, based on the volunteer's proficiency and comfort with Spanish.  See below for descriptions of Front-Back and Clinic Interpreting.

SHAC clinics run throughout the summer and the school year on Wednesdays starting at 5:30pm. The clinics are held at 301 Lloyd Street in Carrboro, NC. Please see the SHAC website for more information about the clinic.

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Front-Back Interpreting

Front-Back interpreters help with registration, intake forms, and vitals for Spanish-speaking patients. These interpreters show up at the beginning of clinic and typically stay until the end of Walk-In hours. This position is a good way to get involved with SHAC before becoming a clinic interpreter depending on the level of comfort with the language.

If you are interested in signing up to volunteer as a Front-Back interpreter, please sign up:

SHAC Interpreting Schedule

Note: Front-Back interpreters represent the clinic in the waiting room. Please follow the SHAC Clinic Dress Code.

Clinic Interpreting

Clinic interpreters are key to reaching the Latino population through SHAC. Five clinic interpreters are requested per night to assist the SHAC Interpreting Coordinator. Clinic interpreters will accompany Public Health, Social Work, HIV Counseling, Pharmacy, and Medical Teams into the exam room to see patients individually.

All SHAC Interpreting interpreters must be assessed for interpreting proficiency by a coordinator before volunteering. The assessment is simply a 1 page translation worksheet/application followed by a short oral mock interview. Assessments are done at the SHAC clinic at 301 Lloyd Street in Carrboro, NC on Wednesday nights during clinic hours. Both current members and prospective members who wish to take an assessment will benefit from reviewing the SHAC Interpreting Study Materials located in on the Resources page.

If you are interested in assessing and interpreting with SHAC Interpreting please sign up for an assessment:

SHAC Interpreting Schedule

Note: Clinic interpreters represent the clinic in the exam rooms. Please follow the SHAC Clinic Dress Code.