Student Projects

SHAC is committed to assisting in the development of projects that are in line with our mission of quality patient care, sustainable community initiatives, and interdisciplinary service-learning. SHAC is interested in helping all students in the health professional schools plan and develop their projects, and ease the difficulties in bringing together an interdisciplinary group of volunteers.

Here you can find,

  1. A description of the process for requesting SHAC's help with the development of your project.
  2. A summary of the proposed, in-development and active projects.


If you are interested in developing a project with SHAC's assistance (including expanding services offered at an existing SHAC program), please go to the Project Proposal Process page.

See the following pages below for current project-specific information:

  • Proposed
    Preliminary proposal written and under consideration by SHAC. Proposed projects have not met with the project management officer.

  • In-Development
    Currently recruiting additional team members as well as developing scope, time, and budget. In-Development projects have been discussed with the project management officer but not completed a project charter.

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer on a proposed, in-development or active project, please go to the Prospective Volunteers - UNC Students page, select "Student Projects" on the "Clinic/Program of Interest" field and indicate your project of interest in the "Additional Comments" field.