Future Events - will be posted here

Past Events


Dinner at Raleigh Neurology - 2/3/14


We had a great turnout for going through neuroradiology slides at dinner with Dr. Freedman. Dr. Freedman sees large number of patients with multiple sclerosis, in addition to much general neurology. Over the years he has developed an outstanding library of very unique and bread-and-butter cases and teaching files. He takes medical students for sub-rotations during the 3rd year neurology clerkship, as well as 4th year students for acting internships at his practice, Raleigh Neurology.


Expert Ethics Panel Discussion - Wed Jan 15 from 12-1 pm, Mary Ellen Jones building (conf rm 202).

Come join the Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) and the Clinical Ethics Discussion Group (CEDG) to discuss various states of diminished consciousness, such as coma, persistent vegetative state, and neurologic death, the ethical implications of these determinations, and recent media cases such as that of Jahi McMath. We will have an expert panel of neurologists and bioethicists to lead discussion. Lunch will be provided for the first 30 people.


Ideas for future activities

  • Movie nights: Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Awakenings, Robot and Frank
  • Shadowing opportunities in neurology
  • Scholarship awards - we are in the process of establishing
    • Medical Student Summer research Scholarship
    • Scholarship to Annual Meeting- next meeting April 26- May 3 2014 in Philadelphia
    • Other awards available at
  • social outings for neuro-talking
  • journal club