Links related to neurology, neurosurgery, and neurosciences that students might find interesting and useful.

UNC Department of Neurology
UNC Neurology Clerkship
UNC Department of Surgery - Division of Neurosurgery
American Academy of Neurology (student page)
Residency Programs - FREIDA
Permits searching for individual residency programs and provides background information and trends for specialties. Hosted by the American Medical Association.
The Neuro-Journalism Mill
In the popular news media, fascinating neuroscience news abounds. This site separates "the wheat from the chaff of media reporting on brain science."
A website to help you learn the neurological exam. With video!
University of Toronto website with several good neuroanatomy (among other) programs
W.U.S.M. Neuroscience Tutorial
The Brain From Top to Bottom
An excellent web page from McGill University.