HPREP: Health Professions Recruitment Exposure Program
The primary goal of HPREP is to increase minority presence in the health professions. Minority health professionals and medical students lecture to high schools to expose them to different health careers.

MSTEP: Middle School Therapeutic Enrichment Program

The purpose of this program is to increase exposure of minority and underrepresented middle school students to careers in the allied health professions.

YSEP: Youth Science Enrichment Program
YSEP targets minority elementary students to stimulate their interest in the sciences and health professions. Medical students lecture on different organ systems. Students then find information on diseases affecting these systems using the Internet and present their findings to their peers.

Minority Men in Medicine (MMM)
Minority Men in Medicine targets undergraduate pre-health minority men in an effort to provide mentorship and guidance to this under-represented community.

MAPS: Minority Association of Pre-Health Students
MAPS is a partnership between UNC SNMA chapter and undergraduate pre-health students to increase the matriculation of undergraduate into professional health related programs by providing information, materials, and mentorship opportunities.

Community Service
To uphold the goal of SNMA, the Community Service committee holds blood pressure screenings and a health fair to increase the awareness of preventable minority health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, and HIV.

Minority Round Table Discussions
Each month, SNMA holds a round table discussion where house staff and physicians speak. These discussions expose students to different medical specialties, and foster interactions that help create a support network between medical students and area physicians.

Fall Affair
This annual event celebrates the presence of minority students, faculty, and staff at UNC School of Medicine. A prominent individual in the community is selected to speak on an issue affecting minorities. SNMA also uses this banquet to recognize the contributions of those who have aided in the advancement of minority students at UNC.

The Zollicoffer lecture is named in honor of the fourth African-American student to graduate from UNC School of Medicine. Annually, a nationally recognized minority physician lectures to the medical school. This lectureship heralds nearly four decades of African-American presence at UNC-Chapel Hill.

The Fundraising committee raises funds to support all the programs and activities that SNMA sponsors throughout the academic year. The fundraisers include business cards, T-shirts, first year exam packs, and jackets. This committee also raises money for local charities for the benefit of the local community.