Faculty in Humanities & Social Sciences Seminars (2008-2013)

  • Old Age:  In Health and Illness
    James A.Bryan, II, MD, MPH (Fall ’08, Spring ’10
    James A.Bryan, II, MD, MPH  & Gary Winzelberg, MD, MPH  (Spring ’11)
  • Everyday Performance and Medicine:  Storytelling, Urban Legends, and Other Oral Traditions
    Gretchen Case PhD (Fall ’08, Fall ‘09)
  • The Social Context of Sexual Health
    Alan W. Cross, MD (Fall ’08, Fall ’09, Fall ’10)
  • Law and Medicine
    Ben Gilbert, JD, MPH (Fall ’08, Fall ’09)
  • The Stories We Live:  The Parallel Chart Project
    Terry Holt, MD, PhD (Fall ’08, Spring ’10, Spring ’11, Spring ’12, Spring ’13)
  • Advanced Leadership in Community Service
    Adam Goldstein, MD, MPH (Fall ’08, Spring ’10, Spring ’11)
  • The Undead:  Bodies in Between
    Barry Saunders, MD, PhD (Fall ’08, Spring ’13)
  • Health Policy and the Transformation of American Medicine
    Ned Brooks, DrPH (Spring’09)
  • Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health: What do we know and what can we do?
    Giselle Corbie-Smith, MD, MSc (Spring ’09)
  • Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health:  Progress and Community Impact
    Giselle Corbie-Smith, MD, MSc (Fall ’11 and Spring ’12: Fall ’12 and Spring ‘13)
  • Exploring the ‘Other Side’:  Experiences of Deviance, Disability and Chronic Illness
    Sue Estroff, PhD (Spring ’09, Spring ’10, Spring ’11, Spring ’12, Spring ’13)
  • History of Medicine in the U.S. – Through the Prism of Medical Education
    George Sheldon, MD, FACS (Spring ’09, Spring ’10, Spring ’11, Spring ’12)
  • Health, War and Terrorism Through the Lens of Human Rights
    Jeffrey Sonis, MD (Spring ’09, Fall ’09, Fall ’10)
  • Health and Human Rights:  Selected Topics
    Jeffrey Sonis, MD (Fall ’11, Fall ’12)
  • Justice in the Allocation of Health Care Resources
    Rebecca Walker, PhD (Spring ’09)
  • Introduction to Service-Learning for Medical Professionals
    Sohini Sengupta, PhD,MPH (Fall ’09)
  • Health Care Politics and Policy
    Jon Oberlander, PhD (Fall ’09, Fall ’10, Fall’11)
  • Health Care Politics and the 2012 Elections
    Jon Oberlander, PhD (Fall’ 12)
  • Family Violence and Child Abuse
    Des Runyan, MD, DrPH (Spring ’10)
  • Detection and Rhetorics of Evidence
    Barry Saunders, MD, PhD (Spring ’10)
  • Biomedical Research Ethics
    Rebecca Walker, PhD (Spring ’10)
  • Gail Henderson, PhD (Spring, ’10)
    Arlene Davis, JD (Spring, ’10)
  • Controversies in Child Abuse and Neglect
    Des Runyan, MD, DrPH (Spring ’11)
  • Imaging Technologies:  Biomedical Cultures and Visual Evidence
    Barry Saunders, MD, PhD (Fall ’10)
  • Is that Ethical?  Clinical Ethics in the Practice of Medicine
    Arlene Davis, JD (Spring ’11)
  • Global Health and Medical Ethics
    Stuart Rennie, PhD (Spring ’11, Spring ’12, Spring ‘13)
  • Bioethics Methods, Concepts and Cases
    Rebecca Walker, PhD (Fall ’11, Spring ‘13)
  • Biopowers and Biopolitics
    Barry Saunders, Md, PhD (Fall ’11)
  • Doctor-Patient Communication
    Mara Buchbinder, PhD (Fall ’11)
  • The Revenge of the Sick:  A Global History of Illness
    Raul Necochea, PhD (Fall ’11)
  • Anticipating Personalized Genomic Medicine:  Ethical Implications for Clinical Practice and Society
    Eric Juengst, PhD (Spring ’12, Spring ’13)
  • Current Issues in Law and Medicine
    Joan Krause, JD (Spring ’11)
    Rich Saver, JD (Spring ’11)
  • The Revenge of the Sick:  A History of Medicine from the Patient’s Point of View
    Raul Necochea, PhD (Fall ’12)
  • The Ethics and Politics of Clinical Research
    Gail Henderson, PhD (Spring ’13)

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