Spring 2012

Cast Curtain Call

"Parson's Pleasure" and "The Bear"

With performances by MedUNCedoos and Nosocomio

Co-sponsored by Dimock College

April 13, 2012       6:30 - 8:30 PM       Hanes Art Center Auditorium




Parson's Pleasure, by Roald Dahl (Adapted by Christopher Giardina and Patrick Lang)


Abigail Rosalynn Boggis, an antique dealer, gets more than she bargains for when she takes on the role of a Parson in order to

swindle the owners of a priceless commode.

Parson's Cast

Narrator:  Levin Brown

Parson:     Jessica Rein

Stalker:     Christopher Giardina

Rummins: Michelle Brown

Bert:          Shawn Yeazell

Directed by: Patrick Lang


The Bear, by Anton Chekhov


A young widow in mourning, Elena Ivanovna Popova, receives an unpleasant visit from a wealthy landowner, Grigory Stepanovitch

Smirnov, who is seeking to collect a debt owed to him by Popova’s late husband.

Bear Cast

Luka:                                        Alex Raines

Elena Ivanovna Popova:            Olivia Myrick

Grigory Stepanovitch Smirnov: Michael Adams

Directed by: Patrick Lang and Christopher Giardina