Our Purpose:

Students Teaching Early Prevention (STEP) on STI's is a program aimed at prevention of disease through education. The program is supported by first and second year medical students who travel to local middle schools to teach students, in a non-judgmental manner, about the nature, transmission, and prevention of various sexually transmitted infections.

We recognize that the young people we will address will be exploring their sexual feelings and may be experimenting with the use of intravenous drugs now or in the future. Keeping that in mind, we feel it is absolutely imperative that the material in this curriculum be presented and discussed in a frank, non-judgmental manner. Abstinence from sexual activity and from the sharing of IV drug needles will be stressed as the best way to avoid HIV infection. Because everyone will not choose abstinence, it is essential that information be presented on how to minimize the risk of HIV infection and other STIs.

Our goal is not to impose our values on the audience. We simply seek to present the facts about sexually transmitted infections, with an emphasis on HIV, which will enable others to make educated decisions that will reduce the risk of acquiring and transmitting STIs.

STEP on STIs requires attendance at one lunchtime training session, and we ask that all volunteers commit to teaching at least two one-hour classes at a local middle school.