MS3 Surgery Clerkship Clinical Log Information


The Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) is the agency that accredits medical schools in the United States. The LCME mandates that “an institution that offers a medical education program must have in place a system with central oversight to ensure that the faculty define the types of patients and clinical conditions that medical students must encounter, the appropriate clinical setting for the educational experiences, and the expected level of medical student responsibility. The faculty must monitor medical student experiences and modify them as necessary to ensure that the objectives of the medical education program are met.”

To ensure adherence to this mandate, UNC SOM created the UNC96, a list of conditions and symptoms reflective of the most important medical conditions in North Carolina (based on mortality, morbidity, prevalence, cost of care data, and faculty opinion). Before graduating, all students must participate in the care of patients with each of these conditions and symptoms. Students’ progress towards this requirement is monitored through the use of the Patient Log (on one45).

Third year medical students can now track their clinical log information for all of their clerkships on the one45 system. Please click on the link below to see the competencies that pertain to the Surgery Clerkship.