Soft Tissue Course

The faculty and residents of the Division of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery sponsor a soft tissue course which is available to all students assigned the Surgery Clerkship. The emphasis of the course will be on basic surgical technique primarily emphasizing wound closure, basic principles of suture techniques and an introduction to the instruments and sutures involved with soft tissue surgery. There will also be a brief introduction to cutaneous plastic surgery techniques such as the use of skin flaps, skin grafts and Z-plasties.

All surgery students are encouraged to attend this two-hour introductory session which will involve "hands on" practice with these various techniques using the pig foot model. This course follows a very effective lecture, "Suturing Principles." Courses are held on the first day of each clerkship at 4pm in Suite 3100 Thurston-Bowles (NC Eye Bank Surgical Skills Center).