Clerkship Grade

The Final Surgery Clerkship score is determined by the following:

  • 30% - Clinical/Rotation Evaluation Score (compared against classmates in same block)

  • 20% - Tutorial Evaluation Score (compared against classmates in same block)

  • 15% - OSCE Score

  • 15% - Direct Observed Clinical Skills-DOCS (compared against classmates in same block)

  • 20% - NBME Percentile Score (compared against national sample)

Surgery Clerkship Grading Scale for Final Grade:

Honors: A Final Score in the 75th - 100th percentile

High Pass:
A Final Score in the 50th - 74th percentile

A Final Score in the 10th – 49th percentile

An NBME exam score below the 10th percentile compared with the national sample will result in an Incomplete grade and requires that the test be taken again. A student who completes all course requirements but fails the NBME exam at the end of a clerkship automatically earns a grade of Incomplete. After the NBME exam is retaken and passed, the grade will be changed to a Pass. Regardless of the NBME grade at the second exam, the final grade remains a Pass. Pass grades, secondary to failure of NBME exam, must be explained in the Summary Comments in the MSPE. The final calculated grade will not be altered by the retake of the NBME or the new score. Numerically the final grade will be what it was prior to the retaking of the exam.

If a student fails the exam a second time, student’s final grade will need to be discussed by the course committee based on the student’s overall performance. Retaking of the course may be warranted.

Fail: A Final Score below the 10th percentile results in a failing grade.