Student Evaluations

Evaluations of the student are performed by the faculty and fellows on the services that the students rotate on, as well as the Tutorial Preceptors the students are assigned to for the eight weeks. These evaluations will be distributed to the appropriate individuals via the one45 evaluation system. Please familiarize yourself with the items upon which you will be evaluated.

During the four week general surgery rotation, students will be responsible for completing the Direct Observed Clinical Skills (DOCS) portion of the clerkship. In order to complete this requirement, the student will print out and give their chief resident the DOCS evaluation form (attached), and will be graded on that particular patient presentation. Students must do THREE of these during the four week rotation. Students should just let the chief know that the patient presentation will count towards their DOCS requirement, the chief will fill out the evaluation form and then they will return the form to Stacey Owen, the clerkship coordinator. The students can complete this during rounds with their teams or during their call nights. The DOCS requirement will count for 15% of the final grade.


  1. Find a NEW patient in Clinic, the Emergency Room (when on call) or on the floor.
  2. The patients has to be new to you and not necessarily to the service.
  3. Take a detailed history and physical exam on that patient and present the patient to the senior resident on the service. The resident you present to will most likely know the patient already and will be able to agree with or refute your history and clinical findings.