Citrix/MyApps Setup

Disclaimer: If you are not a Department of Surgery employee, please contact either your Department's IT Support or call the Hospital Help Desk at 984-974-4357 for help with setting up Citrix or MyApps

The MyApps website requires using a newer version of the Citrix Receiver.

Advanced users: See our Client Downloads section if you feel comfortable performing this upgrade without instructions.

If at any time you have problems, please call the service desk at 984-974-4357.



  •  When working remote, I am being prompted for a "Passcode" on the Citrix Receiver logon screen?
    • This is used for 2-Step Verification. You may enter "push" to trigger a Duo push, or generate a passcode from the Duo Mobile app.
  • If I upgrade my Citrix Receiver, will it still work with CSG?
    • Yes, the newer Citrix Receiver clients are backwards compatible with CSG.
  • What are the supported browsers for MyApps Web?
    • Internet Explorer 11 is the officially supported browser, some functions such as automatic client upgrade do not function in other browsers.

Upgrading your Computer while away from the office (including personal computers)

An updated Citrix Receiver is required to use MyApps. The following steps may be required the first time you use MyApps.

Using Internet Explorer, browse to and login with your credentials. (You may be prompted for 2-Step Verification depending on your enrollment status.)

If your client is out of date or missing MyApps will prompt you to install the new version of Citrix Receiver. Check "I agree..." then click Install.

At the bottom of your Internet Explorer window, click Run.

Depending on the version of your current Citrix client, you may receive a warning as shown below. Click OK.

Start the installation by clicking Start. Accept the License Agreement and click Next.


When prompted to Enable single sign-on check the box and click Install. (Leave unchecked for personal devices).

At the conclusion of the installation click Finish. MyApps Web should now automatically send you to your Citrix Apps page.


Upgrading your Mobile Device

Your mobile app, while it may not require an "update" - will require a configuration change to point to MyApps (instead of CSG).

For Apple iOS Devices:

  1. Let's start by resetting your Receiver to default. Open Citrix Receiver and tap the gear icon to open settings > "Advanced" > Tap the button next to "Reset Receiver". Tap OK.
  2. Re-open Receiver and tap "Add Account".
  3. In the "Address" field, enter "", then tap "Next".
  4. Enter your Username and Password. In the Domain field, enter "unch".
    1. (If working from out of the office, you may be prompted for a token. Enter "push".)
  5. Tap "Log On".


For Android Devices:

  1. Open Receiver and tap "Add Account".
  2. In the "Address field, enter "", then tap "Next".
  3. Enter your Username and Password. In the Domain field, enter "unch".
    1. (If working from out of the office, you may be prompted for a token. Enter "push".)
  4. Tap "Add".


Upgrading your UNC Health Computer from the office

For best experience, please upgrade your computer while you are at the office. If you upgrade from out of the office, some features will not work until the next time you bring your computer to the office.

To upgrade your Citrix Receiver while at the office, perform the following steps: (THIS WILL REBOOT YOUR COMPUTER.)

  1. Launch the Software Center from your Start Menu. Start > All Program > Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 > Software Center.


  1. Under the "Available Software" tab, check the box next to "Citrix Receiver 4.9 Deployment" and click "Install Selected".
  2. The installation will remove your old Citrix client, and prompt you to reboot.
  3. After the reboot, relogin and you will be greeted with the installation of the new Client. (It may take a few moments to appear).
  4. Installation complete! Reboot your computer and start using MyApps from the icon on your desktop.


How to use MyApps

Please see our KB Article guide on MyApps Usage



Hold for Known Issues.


Client Downloads

For Windows:

For MacOS: