Mac: Connect to Surgery J: / R: Drive

  • Open Finder -> Go -> Connect to Server
  • For the J: drive for Admin, Burn, CT, GI, Oncology, Peds, Plastic, Trauma, Transplant, and Vascular type server address: smb://
  • For the R: drive, type Server Address:  smb://[division*]
  • [Refer to table below for division name]
  • Click ‘Connect’
  • Login with your onyen id and password. Be sure to preface the onyen with ad\


*Division/drive names:

Division NameJ: DriveR: Drive
Admin Admin
Burn Burn Burn-Lab
Cardiothoracic CT CT-Lab
GI Surgery GI
Peds Surgery Peds Peds-Lab
Plastic Plastic Plastics-Lab
Surgical Oncology       Oncology
Transplant Transplant    Transplant-Lab  
Trauma Trauma Trauma-Lab
Vascular Vascular