Windows: Connect to Surgery J: / R: Drive

  • Open My Computer
  • Select Map network drive
  • For the J: drive for Admin, Burn, CT, GI, and Oncology use \\\[division*]
  • For the J: drive for Peds, Plastic, Trauma, Transplant, and Vascular use \\\[division*]
  • For the R: drive, Select the letter “R” and type  \\\[division*] into the Folder Field
  • When prompted, enter the following in the login screen
    • Username: AD\your onyen
    • Password: your onyen password


*Division/drive names:

Division NameJ: DriveR: Drive
Admin Admin
Burn Burn Burn-Lab
Cardiothoracic CT CT-Lab
GI Surgery GI
Neurosurgery Neuro
Peds Surgery Peds Peds-Lab
Plastic Plastic Plastics-Lab
Surgical Oncology Oncology Oncology-Lab
Transplant Transplant Transplant-Lab
Trauma Trauma Trauma-Lab
Vascular Vascular