Eskelund Award for Excellence in Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Tim Weiner presents the 2011 Eskelund Award to Dr. Aaron Garrison and Dr. Megan Quintana

As determined by pediatric nurses, the Eskelund award is presented to the surgical residents who best characterize the qualities of:

  • team work
  • compassion
  • professional conduct
  • atraumatic pediatric surgical care


Chief 3rd Year Intern
2001-2002 Cynthia Lowry, MD Harry Lightfoot, MD, & Lora Burke, MD Chris Melroy, MD
2002-2003 Joseph Jenkins, MD Karen Stitzenberg, MD Carlos Ebert, MD
2003-2004 Brendan Campbell, MD Michael Houston, MD Brian Bednarski, MD
2004-2005 Shon Black, MD Maggie Walkup, MD Aaron Garrison, MD
2005-2006 Harry Lightfoot, MD Brian Bednarski, MD Gregory Basura, MD
2006-2007 Chris Rupp, MD Shannelle Campbell, MD Paula Harmon, MD & Jeff Dehmer, MD
2007-2008 Lindsee McPhail, MD Heather Pennell, MD Angela Smith, MD
2008-2009 Shannelle Campbell, MD Jean Ashburn, MD Staci Beamer, MD
2009-2010 Jennifer Nelson, MD Emily Fontenot, MD Dolly Penn, MD
2010-2011 Aaron Garrison, MD Colin Bird, MD Megan Quintana, MD
2011-2012 Elizabeth Speck, MD Michael Phillips, MD Mansi Shah, MD