In-Service Award

The four In-Service Awards given each year by the Department of Surgery recognize interns’ specific achievements on the A.B.S.I.T.E. exam (American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination). The four awards are distributed based on the following criteria:
1. Person who scored above the 90th percentile range on the exam.
2. The person with the highest score for a Junior Level Resident.
3. The person with the highest score for a Senior level resident.
4. The person with the highest percentage increase from the last exam.

The A.B.S.I.T.E. gauges the surgical residents’ knowledge in clinical and basic sciences. The test is intended to serve as an objective measure in order to determine competency for progression in the program. To learn more about the A.B.S.I.T.E., please visit

Prior recipients of the award include:

Top Score
Junior Level
Top Score
Senior Level
Highest IncreaseScored Above 90%
2017 Stephen Mahoney Sara Scarlet

Sr:Tyler Ellis

Jr: Emily Newton

Lauren Moskal
Josh Herb
Stephen Mahoney
Sara Scarlet

2016 Stephen Mahoney Sara Scarlet

Sr: Rebecca Brown
Jr: Judyta Lipinska

Stephen Mahoney

2015 Rafi Fredman Trista Reid Sr: Trista Reid
Jr: Jonathan Black

Chelsea Becker
Sara Kim
Rafi Fredman



Junior Level

Senior Level

Highest increase


Abraham Korn, MD*

Michael Phillips, MD

Javeria Qureshi, MD


Anna Johnson, MD

Courtney Sommer, MD*

Jason Glotzbach, MD*


Kristen Sell, MD*

Colin Bird, MD

Colin Bird, MD


Trista Reid, MD

Brian Bednarski, MD*

Michael Phillips, MD


Sally Stander, MD*

Leora Tesche, MD

Jeff Dehmer, MD


Sally Stander, MD

Leora Tesche, MD*

Heather Pennell, MD


Courtney Sommer, MD

Aaron Garrison, MD*

Faera Byerly, MD


Leora Tesche, MD

Aaron Garrison, MD

Brian Bednarski, MD


Aaron Garrison, MD*

Ryan Heider, MD*

Stephanie Beidler, MD


Aaron Garrison, MD*

Ryan Heider, MD*

Heather Neuman, MD*

Tim Sadiq, MD*

Erika Rager, MD


Nancy Moss, MD

Tach Bhati, MD

Karen Stitzenberg, MD


* Scored above the 90th percentile