Kaiser Permanente Excellence in Teaching Awards

This award was created by the Class of 2000 to recognize those residents and interns who contribute in an exemplary way to the education of medical students with their enthusiasm for teaching, including students in patient care decisions, and promoting involvement of students in the medical team.

1999 Brian Clark, MD Erin Felger, MD
2001 Joseph Molitierno, MD Michael Heidenrecih, MD Robert Mendes, MD
2002 Michael Ferguson, MD Sean McLaughlin, MD
2003 Joseph Brian Clark, MD Adam Zanation, MD
2004 Joseph Brian Clark, MD Brandon Bushnell, MD
2005 Alden Parsons, MD Uday Reebye, MD, DMD
2006 Harry Lightfoot, Jr., MD Elizabeth Speck, MD
2007 William Robinson, MD Joshua Unger, MD
2008 Peter Milano, MD Samantha Kempner, MD
2009 William Bradford, MD Nadeem Khuri, MD
2010 Robert Coward, MD Michael Phillips, MD
2011 Aaron Garrison, MD Trista Reid, MD
2012 Eddie Hasty, MD Joseph Andrew Smith, MD
2013 Javeria Qureshi, MD Eddie Yap, MD