Star Heels

Star Heels

Each year the Department of Surgery provides Star Heels awards in order to recognize and reward excellent employees. All permanent employees (SPA, EPA Non-Faculty, and Faculty) are eligible to receive the Star Heels award. Star Heel nominations can be made by all University employees to the Department of Surgery’s Award Committee.

Award recipients receive a $30 Visa gift card, as well as a certificate in an embossed folder.

For more information on the Star Heels program, visit the UNC HR site.

Since 2013, the Department of Surgery has categorized its Star Heels Awards, with each of its four awards reflecting a different area of excellence:

  1. TEAM PLAYER AWARD: Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision and to direct individual accomplishment toward organization objectives. The purpose of this award is to recognize a Surgery staff member who exemplifies and promotes teamwork within their work unit, division, and/or department.
  2. INNOVATION AWARD: This award is given to a Surgery staff member that generates novel and valuable ideas and uses these ideas to develop new or improved processes, methods, systems, products, or services. The award recognizes creative ideas that improve the work unit, division and/or department.
  3. PATIENT CARE AWARD: This award recognizes a Surgery staff member who demonstrates excellence when working and communicating with patients. This staff member exhibits concern and care for the patient, while at the same time working efficiently to assist them with their needs.
  4. ABOVE AND BEYOND AWARD: This award recognizes a Surgery staff member who have gone above and beyond their stated job duties in order to better their work unit, division and/or department. This employee will deliver extraordinary customer service on a daily basis, whether dealing with internal or external customers.

Past recipients of the award include:


Team Player


Patient Care

Above and Beyond


Elisabeth Carter

Amy Marzinsky

Grant Harrison


Nicolle Lemire


Stephen Gazda

Amy Marzinsky

Paula Steele

Jesse Clement

Ted Hobgood

Jana Ross


Elisabeth Carter

Grant Harrison

Beverly Holt

Marisa DeBurkarte


Robby Knight

Tia Brown

Diane Hunter

Mary Dunn

Before 2013, the Star Heels Awards were uncategorized.


Robby Knight
Ponda Prince
Jana Baker Ross
Paula Steele


Ruben Bocanegra
Tristan Jack
Eris Lambert
Stacey Owen


Bill McDonald
Tracie Holt
Stacey Owen
Linda Perry
Alexis Pojafsky
Gina Potts