Surgical Grand Rounds

Surgical Grand Rounds are conducted each Wednesday at 7:15 A.M. in the 4th floor Old Clinic auditorium.

Upcoming Grand Rounds Presentation (.pdf)

Grand Rounds Disclosure Agreement (.ppt) (needs to be first and last slide for speaker)

4 Question Quiz for CME Credit from Grand Rounds (currently from 10/11/2017 Grand Rounds)



William Adamson, MD
Associate Professor at Pediatric Surgery

Loree Kalliainen, MD
Associate Professor at Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Embracing Big Data: Using NSQIP to Achieve Patient-Centered Outcomes


Jacquelyn Carr, MD
Chief Surgery Resident at UNC

Jennifer Samples, MD
Chief Surgery Resident at UNC

MSLT2- Lymph Node Dissection for Biopsy Positive Melanoma - Yay or Nay?

The Impact of Robotic Surgery: What the Data Tells Us?

9/27/2017Interdisciplinary M&M
9/20/2017Andrea Hayes Jordan, MD
Professor of Surgery at University of Texas
Developing a Novel Surgery: Cytoreductive Surgery and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy, CRS-HIPEC, in Pediatric Patients
9/13/2017Luigi Pascarella, MD
Assistant Professor at UNC Vascular Surgery
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
9/6/2017Departmental Address
8/30/2017Samantha Meltzer-Brody, MD, MPH
Associate Chair of Faculty Development
Professional and Interpersonal Effectiveness in Academic Medicine
8/23/2017Mock Orals
8/16/2017No Grand Rounds
8/9/2017No Grand Rounds
8/2/2017No Grand Rounds
7/26/2017No Grand Rounds


No Grand Rounds



EPIC Update Informational Meeting



Faculty Mentorship Meeting


Rebecca Brown, MD
General Surgery Resident

Joanna Grudziak, MD
General Surgery Resident

Secrets to Success During Research Years: Achieve Great Things With a Great Mentor

6/21/2017Diana Lee Farmer, MD, FACS. FRCS
Professor and Chair at UC David Department of Surgery

A Scientific Journey From Singapore to Stem Cells


Clinical Faculty Meeting

6/7/2017Timothy S. Sadiq, MD
Assistant Professor at UNC Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery

Ulcerative Colitis: Should We Be Operating Earlier?


Awards Ceremony


David Stewart, MD
Penn State Surgeon

Clostridium difficle Infection: The Enemy of an Enemy May Be a Friend



Interdisciplinary M&M


Anna Johnson, MD
General Surgery Resident at UNC

Jennifer Samples, MD
General Surgery Resident at UNC

Diverticulitis- A review of a consensus statement on acute management

Ulcerative Colitis- A review of surgical management in the era of biologicals


Alice Chuang, MD
Associate Professor at UNC OB/GYN

The Science of Human Learning


John J. Fung, MD, PhD
Director, UChicago Medicine Transplantation Institute

Evolution of Transplant Immunosuppression


Wayne D. Rosamond, PhD, MS
Department of Epidemiology

Sheldon Resident Research Symposium


Kandace McGuire, MD
Associate Professor at UNC Surgical Oncology

Targeted Axillary Dissection



Faculty Meeting


Andrej Lyschik, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor at Department of Radiology at Thomas Jefferson Hospital

Emily Chang, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine at UNC Kidney Center

Current and Emerging Applications for Contrast-Enchanced Ultrasound


Loren S. Schechter, MD, FACS
Directory at the Center for Gender Confirmation Surgery

Gender Confirmation Surgery: A New Surgical Frontier


Chirag Desai, MD
Associate Professor at UNC Division of Abdominal Transplant Surgery

Total Pancreatectomy and Autologous Islet Cell Transportation


Kevin Chang, MD
General Surgery Resident

Megan Quitana, MD
General Surgery Resident

Andexanet Alfa for Acute Major Bleeding Associated with Factor Xa Inhibitors

Interrupted vs Continuous Chest Compressions During CPR

3/8/2017Jonathan Oberlander, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Social Medicine at UNC
The End of Obamacare
3/1/2017Justin B. Dimick, MD, MPH
Chief of Division of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Associate Chair for Strategy and Finance at University of Michigan
Innovative Approaches for Improving Surgical Quality
2/22/2017Interdisciplinary M&M
2/15/2017Academic Surgical Congress Presentations
2/8/2017No Grand Rounds
2/1/2017Ankit Bharat, MD, FACS
Director, Lung Failure Program at Northwestern Medicine
Human to Murine Lung Transplantation and Back
1/18/2017Mock Oral Exams


No Grand Rounds

Thomas S. Ivester, MD, MPH
Associate Chief Medical Officer, UNC Hospitals

Tina M. Schade Willis, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Anesthesiology

Preventing Mortality and Patient Harm


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