Looking Forward

As the UNC Department of Surgery enters the new millennium, it has established itself as a mature department and national and international leader in clinical care, education and research. It's mission encompasses the breadth of general surgery and its sub-specialties with a dynamic faculty of over 60 surgeons. Based in lovely Chapel Hill at the flagship "University of the People," the Department has rapidly expanded it roles to the local community and the state with close affiliations through well-developed Area Health Education Centers. A particularly strong and productive relationship exists with Wake Medical Center, the largest hospital in Raleigh, NC. Another present focus is on establishing international ties that will address needs created by the Global Burden of Surgical Disease.

The many divisions in the Department continue to expand with young, mid-career and senior faculties providing cutting-edge patient care and clinical and basic scientific investigation. Research initiatives are relevant, competitive and well-organized under a support staff in Chair's Office. With over 14,000 procedures performed per year, the Department provides expert clinical service and teaching to many throughout the Southeast. This leadership role will continue to grow with the opening of the NC Cancer Hospital in 2009 to complement ongoing expansions of all the other Divisions.

Amid turbulent times, the Department remains forward-looking. Its dedicated faculty, drawn from the best training programs in the country, are the solid backbone of its success. With a history of strong, stable and creative leadership and a clear mission of Service, the Department of Surgery at the University of North Carolina is well-positioned for the many challenges the future holds.