2012 Trinidad Cup

Who, What, Where, When

WHO: Family, Friends, and Co-workers of the Chiefs

WHAT: Trinidad Footrace

WHEN: Sunday, June 10, 1:00 P.M.

WHERE: Home of Tim and Teresa Sadiq.  See directions.


Post-race analysis:

Looks like the pre-race handicappers were right-on despite Dr. Weiner's absence!

Jon Samuel's J Crew attire may be OK for Harvard...but no match for Sadiq-ville

Likewise Liz Acquista's knee-highs may give her a Yankee advantage ... but not south of the Mason-Dixon....

Unfortunately Matt Alleman's post-roast binge yesterday created an acute beer-belly (see photo) or is that his 4th pregnancy....

So it was all Speck's race to lose!!!