Current Residents

2014-2015 UNC Cardiothoracic Surgery Residents


Staci Beamer


Staci Beamer (PGY 6), Chief Resident

M.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



Thurston Bauer


Thurston Bauer (PGY 5)

M.D., University of Arkansas



Kristen Sell


Kristen Sell (PGY 4)

M.D., University of Michigan



Tim Brand


Timothy Brand (PGY 3)

M.D., Medical University of South Carolina



Thaniyyah Ahmad


Thaniyyah Ahmad (PGY 2)

M.D., Wake Forest University,  M.P.H., Dartmouth Medical School



Ashish Pulikal


Ashish Pulikal (PGY 1)

M.D., Indiana University